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Sunday, August 28, 2011

High Heels and Boots Glam

Hot saucy shoes for every Domestic Goddess!
I came across this delicious high heels collection more than a year ago and said to myself, "I want these!" OMG they are just so gorgeous. High heels which not only look great but are of a high quality and durable to show off on every occassion. Sometimes we can search for shoes in shopping malls, building up a knot of disappointment on not finding the right sexy heel to look good everyday. Forget sneakers! Forget low wedges and flat ballerinas, they suck! We were born to embrace our glamorous feminity and thank goodness there are designers who appreciate the liberty of beauty and grace us with their creations. For, without these designers, we would be a miserable lot indeed.

Like what you see? Click the photo or click here to feast your eyes on the whole collection.

Nurse Kitty Boutique

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